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Giorgio Linea Headquarters

Giorgio Linea Headquarters


Offices and Workplaces

  • Tuscany is famous all over the world for its handcraft leather products and Giorgio Linea SRL is one of the leather artisans located near the city of Florence who have enriched their experience working with prestigious brands such as Burberry, Salvatore Ferragamo, Givenchy and Giorgio Armani to mention a few.

  • Barbara Ricchi and her team create timeless designs with designers and fashion professionals starting from material research (with an archive of over 6000 items), pattern craft, product development and all the way to quality control. Giorgio Linea also brings value to traditional craftsmanship in a fast moving industry by offering services such as: training, research and consulting combined with impressive innovation.

  • When Barbara Ricchi decided to renovate her factory facilities, she had already considered that clarity of light was essential for the quality of craftsmanship, there was no room for compromise in such a demanding industry where every detail counts. Quality of space and work was another important factor; the whole factory is white with glass walls to express a minimalistic, clean environment moreover, intrusive lighting or bulky speakers would spoil the aesthetics and in Barbara’s view, reduce performance. Eventually Barbara and her team chose KSCAPE, a newly launched division from K-array Pro Audio that merges light and sound into one product; a 1.2m homogenous LED linear light with integrating full range speakers for high quality sound.

  • 110 RAIL’s have been installed across 600 square meters of ceiling both suspended and plafond, a combination of RAILs with sound and without. With a vast amount of lighting preferences to choose from, the RAILs have been adjusted to the context in which they have been placed for example, the office includes suspended symmetric RAIL with mini spots and indirect light over every desk. While light is important, sound is too, each RAIL over the desk includes audio speakers for diffused sound.   

  • Through the corridors RAILs have been installed plafond to the ceiling with symmetrical lighting to highlight the walls where paintings or pictures would be.

  • A unique example of how RAIL can accurately define a feature in the room is the “My Vintage Academy” archive, a multipurpose meeting room dedicated to consultation of fashion accessories, materials and collections of the last 30 years. This is a room that requires the highest clarity of light due to the accuracy of details required. In this historic archive twenty-two pendant symmetric RAILs with DALI control and indirect lighting were installed, the lights followed the square shape of the room made possible by four L connection RAILs to create a perfect 90° angle. 

  • To amplify all the installation only four Kommander-KA14 were required.

  • This is where we see KSCAPE for the first time providing an easy solution to contemporary office designs, galleries and multipurpose spaces where quality of light combined with the intelligent need for accurate sound diffusion are required for a better working environment.

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