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January 13, 2022

KSCAPE presents RAIL | Webinar Series


What happens when you combine the world of professional audio with the world of high-end lighting?

KSCAPE is launching two webinars to provide a little more insight into this All-In-One solution. If you want to know how RAIL can give you a unique edge by improving the overall sensorial experience of a project without disrupting the visual impact of your application with a single solution that merges senses.

Join Daniele Mochi (K-array) and Tom Riby (KSCAPE) for a live webinar on Wednesday 19th January to learn:

  • RAIL: a unique architectural lighting product with integrated pro audio by K-array and how it works

  • Simple concepts and case studies to improve your project where light and audio are important

  • What else can you expect from KSCAPE in the future

If that sounds good to you then join us for an interactive focus in two sessions on KSCAPE's RAIL on the 19th January.


Register for the 10am CET Session

Register for the 5pm CET Session

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