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April 12, 2021

KSCAPE presents RAIL | Webinar Series


What happens when you combine the world of professional audio with the world of high-end lighting?

KSCAPE is launching a series of two webinars to provide a little more insight into this All-In-One solution. If you want to know how RAIL can give you a unique edge by improving the overall sensorial experience of a project without disrupting the visual impact of your application with a single solution that merges senses then this 45-minute webinar will be worth your valuable time.

  • We will explain in-depth the features of the product:
  • Share an easy to follow set up guide for everyone from the audio or lighting world
  • And present a few key case studies where RAIL has shown its full potential.

If that sounds good to you then join us for an interactive focus on KSCAPE's RAIL on the 28th April at 10am CEST or 4pm CEST.

Of course, if you cannot wait for those dates, you can send us a message directly and we will be delighted to share if you all the product information you need.

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