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March 15, 2021

Merging Senses Beyond Imagination


The influential AV magazine Sound & Communications recently featured and talked about RAIL, the first product from KSCAPE. IN FOCUS by Dan Ferrisi on page 24, 25 and online talks about the product but also the people behind the concept at K-array.

Light is a very important aspect of our lives, especially in environments like offices, leisure facilities, retail, hospitality venues and healthcare settings: “It’s not just our quality of life that suffers, but also, our health, our social behaviour and our productivity.”

"We must move from experiential to sensorial" it is the starting point of the KSCAPE philosophy, so “we while we are invading the space of light, let’s introduce audio and explore merging the two worlds together?”

This is demonstrated by statistics that noise pollution and poor lighting can compromise the environment we live and work in. RAIL solves the problem in a single solution as Dan quotes “The argument for better sound treatment has never been stronger” at this uncertain times.

We stay longer indoors so why not make these spaces better to live in?

Discover more on Sound & Communications’ IN FOCUS here

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