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November 09, 2020

K-array launches KSCAPE merging audio and light

studio Sachiko


Begin with one of the most innovative pro audio speakers on the market. Then take it far beyond its boundary.

This is KSCAPE, where you can consider a breadth of products in the future that pioneer new innovations to extend the potential of sound for generations. A special division by K-array to fulfil its increasing demand for “out of the box” audio solutions and focus on merging senses to help create new experiences for those without limits to their imagination.

RAIL, a 1.2 metre homogenous linear LED track light with full range cone drivers, marks the first product of KSCAPE and a first step into the world of lighting. Merging both high quality light with pro audio sound to provide an integrated solution that allows architects, designers and engineers to effortlessly install into familiar environments such as offices, retail, hospitality, leisure and more.

KSCAPE’S core design philosophy is to build everything for a reason and push the limits of performance. New to the lighting world, this small team of dedicated designers worked closely with one of the world’s most renowned LED manufacturers from Japan, NICHIA, to build a line of high performance 360 LEDS 3.5mm apart combined with our smallest speakers ever by K-array to create a linear track with full range sound and brilliant light reaching beyond 93 CRI.

A rising variety of accessories provide limitless options to design with and custom RAL colours are possible.

KSCAPES new product RAIL is one of pure, streamlined elegance. Born out of the single-minded vision to create the most effective pro audio solution with light never before seen.

KSCAPE embodies our relentless quest to push the limits
of possibility – in design, in performance, in breadth of functionality.
To give designers solutions to their endless creativity and rediscover the true potential of sound in everyday life.

Alessandro Tatini CEO K-array

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