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February 19, 2021

KSCAPE is now available on BIM.archiproducts


Light is the key design element that you should consider at the very beginning of a project; both artificial and natural which is why we decided to explore this crucial step with an argument that sound should also be considered. A harmony of senses is what gives the design its life.

KSCAPE merges high quality light with pro audio sound to provide an integrated solution and is on Archiproducts, one of the most powerful search engines for architecture and design products, since 2016. Now, KSCAPE is also present on BIM.archiproducts, Archiproducts reference platform that provides direct access to the largest BIM and CAD file database in the world.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is important for architects and interior designers for the creation of building projects from the very earliest steps. BIM could reinforce the concept of light and why designer should consider it. Because of his large impact on the venue’s environment, in this case both audio and light.
Archiproducts also offers a Revit plugin so that users can access their libraries without having to browse the sites directly from the drawing program and ARCHICAD files will be available on the portal from now!
The Archiproducts project files are then shareable with all project collaborators and are characterized by the badge "Featured by BIM.archiproducts" which certifies they satisfy technical and regulatory criteria such as geometric parameters, consistency of the model with reality, the integrity of alphanumeric data and their computation. KSCAPE’s page on the BIM portal can be found clicking here.

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